Our Expertises:

Emerging Healthcare Markets




Emerging Healthcare Markets Expertise

For Quomeda, emerging markets are a core area of expertise, with a particular focus on the BRICS countries, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Singapore and Malaysia.

Quomeda does not adopt a big bang approach, we offer qualitative data collection from key accounts with a range of key opinion leaders and payers reinforcing the widespread support for market access decisions and drive launch and brand success.
We deliver you the strong local presence that you need in the Asia Pacific, Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and North Africa, and Americas regions.

  • Our analysts are strategically located in India and China to support your product strategies across all Asia-Pacific countries.

  • Our on-the-ground experts in Middle East and North Africa provide you with insider access to these rapidly developing markets.

  • In Europe and the Americas, we are thoroughly positioned to capture market opportunities presented in emerging markets in Central and Eastern Europe, and Latin America.