Customized Market Research

A Faster, More Cost-effective Way Than Traditional Market Research

Competition Analysis

Knowing and understanding your rivals remains crucial to modern marketing strategies and without a thorough comparison model and perceptive analysis, it is difficult to know if your marketing strategy is earning great dividends or driving your hard earned marketing budget down the drain. By analyzing the following points, Quomeda can arm you with the tools to combat you competitors key services and products while enhancing your company’s own standing.



In today’s healthcare environment it is simply not enough for companies to rely on their traditional models to access highly competitive markets, which are traditionally more concerned with commercial, sales or marketing activities. Nowadays, to gain real access and obtain optimum reimbursement models, Med-Tech companies need to successfully demonstrate the health economic benefits of their products. Quomeda can highlight those areas of tighter regulatory scrutiny and fine-tune business models to where healthcare budgets are now focused (on cost, quality of care and access).


Market Opportunities & Innovations
Brand & Product Performance, End User Experience

As you can’t manage what you don’t measure, having access to key brand and product metrics allows you to actively manage your brand and to increase its strength and performance. By continually measuring these points, you can seek to challenge your own practices and ultimately improve upon them.